Parting is such Sweet Sorrow

The time has come, everyone. My semester is over and with that comes the end of this blog. While I would love to continue to write fun stories and find awesome recipes for everyone that has visited this blog, I simply do not have the time to dedicate to it.

I had a great time writing this blog during the past four months. I learned so many new things about cupcakes and was able to spend time researching recipes and talking to people who have a passion for making amazing cupcakes. It was truly wonderful getting to know all of the wonderful people who helped contribute to this blog and I have to thank them for helping me and giving me a chance to see the cupcake world from their point of view.

Here are links to five posts that seemed to be popular and that I really enjoyed writing:

1. Drink-Inspired Cupcakes

2. My Little Kupkake

3. First batch of Friday Flavors

4. Audio Interview with Gabrielle Terzano

5. Simply Sweet Cupcakes Feature

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. It sure was a sweet ride and I will definitely miss all of the comments and nice things everyone had to say. Keep trying new recipes and go visit the few shops and bakers I featured here on my blog. Their dedication and skills are worth discovering for yourself! I hope this blog inspired you to bake fun cupcakes and helped you see the sweet side of life.



Simply Sweet Cupcakes: Having Fun and Seeing Success

When you walk into Simply Sweet Cupcakes in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, you’re immediately taken by the sweet smell of cupcakes. With friendly faces behind the counter, your experience in the bakery begins happily. The owners of the shop, Jacquelin Ciaburri and Gina Ciaburri, are likely to be laughing in the kitchen, which further proves the existence of the easygoing, friendly atmosphere.

The cupcake case is filled with a variety of flavors from Tiramisu to Strawberry and they all look magnificent and as the owners said themselves, “pretty.” The shop workers were busy decorating cakes and talking to customers, while Gina and Jacquelin were individually wrapping their popular High Heel cupcakes for a party.

As I walked around the shop, I saw two little signs hanging on the walls. Both boasting cupcake-related sayings like “Life is short…eat more cupcakes.” At Simply Sweet, I’m almost positive it is easy to eat more cupcakes. After taking a break from wrapping their cupcakes, Gina and Jacquelin came over to talk to me, coffee in hand, trying to maintain their level of energy to continue with the rest of their day.

As they sat down, I took another quick glance around their shop and was intrigued to know why they decided to open a cupcake bakery. Often, small-business owners are “inspired” to open their business so I asked them what their inspiration was. “Nothing,” Jacquelin said with a laugh. “We were looking to just rent a kitchen, and then one of our customers recommended for us to come down here and take a look and we saw the place and I said no, and she said ‘yeah’ and that was that.”

Located in Egg Harbor City’s downtown section, the shop is surrounded by a plethora of little stores, giving the area a very cutesy, Main Street vibe. “The town needs help, businesses are closing because of the economy. It adds another business to the road so that’s what we decided to do instead of just renting a kitchen,” said Gina.

After only being open for about a year, their business, like many other cupcake businesses, has seen large success. They attribute this success to a few things like their creative style of baking, “We never write down our recipes,” said Jacquelin, their dynamic, “People come in here because we fight and they think it’s entertaining,” Gina explained, and the popularity of cupcakes in general “They’re cute and you can do so much with them. They’re individual. Instead of sitting down for an entire cake you can sit down and just have one,” said Jacquelin.

Gina and Jacquelin are sister-in-laws and they make quite the duo. They each agreed that if it were not for the other, they would not want to work in the shop. “I wouldn’t like working here, I’m going to regret saying this, I wouldn’t work here if she didn’t work here,” Jacquelin said with a laugh. “I think the main focus of what we do is we have a lot of fun and we laugh a lot, people think we’re nuts.” Their have-fun attitude gives their bakery life and when you bite into one of their delicious cupcakes, you can tell they are made with love.

Their advice for anyone thinking about opening their first cupcake bakery is, “Have fun, and you should probably know what you’re doing,” said Gina. As Gina said this, Jacquelin looked at her quizzically and said, “We didn’t know what we were doing. We still don’t know what we’re doing!” They both laughed. As an outsider, I think their success proves they’re doing something right.

Visit Simply Sweet Cupcakes online at their Facebook page or take a drive down to Egg Harbor City. They’re located at 132 Philadelphia Avenue, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey.

Video How-To: Skinny Cupcakes

Hi everyone!

Over the weekend, I was inspired by my recent chat with Gabrielle Terzano, my friend over at live, laugh, YUM!, to make “Skinny” cupcakes. After searching the internet for a good recipe to try, I found one for Skinny Vanilla Funfetti Cupcakes. The recipe was super simple, which is why I was drawn to it. I decided to document my first attempt at making these skinny cupcakes (a recipe I’ve never tried) by filming a How-To. I thought it would be a great way for my readers to see exactly how these cupcakes are made since they’re slightly different from regular cupcakes. The batter looks a little different and the icing definitely has an interesting texture to it, making a video the perfect way to clear up any and all worries someone may have while baking these skinny cupcakes for the first time. I hope you all enjoy this video and learn something new and give this recipe a try! My friends loved these cupcakes and loved that they’re only 120 calories a piece!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Flavor Friday: Feeling Fruity

flavor friday


With Springtime weather coming into town recently, I thought it would be a good idea to give my followers something extra sweet to bake! This list is complied of cupcakes that are baked with lemon flavors! To me, lemons are fresh and zesty, which is symbolic of the Spring season! For those of you who enjoy fruity flavors, these cupcakes will be perfect to try over the weekend!

First up are Lemon Lover Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Icing  from My Baking AddictionThese cupcakes feature a fresh, lemony flavor and they are paired with a sweet cream cheese icing. The combination provides for a mouthwatering taste. The recipe features lemon extract for flavor and if you want to get technical, you can add some yellow food dye for a visually appealing pale yellow color.

Lemon Lover Cupcake photo from My Baking Addiction

Lemon Lover Cupcake
photo from My Baking Addiction

Next are Apricot Lemon Cupcakes from The Tolerant Vegan. These cupcakes are baked with apricot flavors and a slight lemony taste and feature healthy, vegan ingredients. The cupcakes have pieces of apricot inside them for an extra burst of fruity flavor!

Apricot Lemon cupcakes photo from The Tolerant Vegan

Apricot Lemon cupcakes
photo from The Tolerant Vegan

Lastly are Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes from Love and Olive Oil. Strawberry Lemonade is a staple in my home during the warmer months and I can only imagine how wonderful the drink tastes in cupcake form. What makes these cupcakes so enticing is the icing, which is made with fresh strawberries. The cupcakes are filled with the freshness of lemon zest, making the flavor combination fruity and delicious.

Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes photo from Love and Olive Oil

Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes
photo from Love and Olive Oil


I hope you all enjoy these fresh, lemony cupcakes over the weekend and if you’re experiencing April showers, these cupcakes are sure to brighten your day!

Audio Interview with Gabrielle Terzano

Gabrielle Terzano delivering a batch of her "Skinny" CupcakesPhoto Credit: live,laugh,YUM!

Gabrielle Terzano delivering a batch of her “Skinny” Cupcakes
Photo Credit: live,laugh,YUM!

Today I got to speak with Gabrielle Terzano, a 22 year old cupcake enthusiast from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Gabrielle, a Rowan University alumna, started her healthy eating blog, live, laugh, YUM! a few months ago after family and friends wanted a place to see all of her healthy recipes. I discovered her blog through Instagram, where she posts pictures of everything she makes right after she’s finished making it. Her posts about her “skinny” cupcakes caught my eye but after browsing through her blog I noticed that her recipes aren’t limited to cupcakes alone. Gabrielle has mastered the art of oatmeal and pancakes as well as some dinner recipes. She is a true inspiration for anyone looking to eat healthy all while maintaining savory and delicious flavors as well as for people who want to start a blog based off of something they love to do. Check out my interview with Gabrielle here and then go and take a look at her blog. It’s fun, fresh and food friendly!

Looking Ahead

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and have found some pretty cool bakeries in the area that I am excited to try. Within the next few weeks, I should be stopping by some of those places and having reviews ready for you guys.

Next week though is something I’m very excited about. After scoping out the blogosphere, I found Gabrielle Terzano,  a local baker from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Gabrielle has a passion for food and started her own healthy eating blog where she posts healthy recipes for all of her followers to try. Recently, she’s been tackling “skinny” cupcakes, and I am intrigued. I’m excited to see what ingredients she uses in her healthy cupcakes and to try some!

To get a sneak peek, you can check out her blog, here.

Can’t wait to show you guys how to eat cupcakes without ruining your healthy eating plans!

Till next week!

Friday Flavors: Saint Patrick’s Day deliciousness

flavor friday


There’s nothing I enjoy more than baking holiday-inspired cupcakes. With Saint Patrick’s Day this Sunday (March 17) I realized I’ll be spending lots of time in the kitchen making green, Irish-inspired goodies. I took some time to find recipes that I’m dying to try and thought that my followers might enjoy trying them too! I’m featuring four recipes to symbolize the four leaf clover, a symbol of luck in Ireland!

I’ve never tried vegan cupcakes, but these Vegan Irish Cream Cupcakes from Pumpkin Honey have piqued my interest. Made with homemade Irish Cream and a simple cupcake recipe, these cupcakes aren’t green but they’re the perfect way to have an Irish taste while also remaining as healthy as a cupcake can be!

Last St. Patrick’s Day, I made a modified version of these Lucky Charm Cupcakes from Just Call Me Maria. Her version includes finely crushed Lucky Charms inside the cupcakes, which makes for  fun surprise when you take a bite. The cupcakes themselves are green, which is very fun for the kids! This recipe is super simple and easy to follow and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Green Velvet cupcakes are super simple and the easiest way to show your Irish pride through your baking. All you need other than the usual cupcake necessities is green food dye, which you can find at any grocery store near all of the baking supplies. A Bitchin’ Kitchen provides an easy recipe to follow and has amazing pictures to give you an idea of how you can decorate them once they come out of the oven!

Last but not least are these delicious Thin Mint-Chocolate Cupcakes from The Culinary ChroniclesThese cupcakes feature the incredibly popular Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints. The recipe is slightly more difficult than the others, but it is certainly worth the work! Not only are these nice to look at, they are filled with a surprising, but sweet minty flavor.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saint Patrick’s Day and you try at least one of these recipes to help you celebrate!

Within the next two weeks, keep your eyes peeled for a review on a local bakery! I’m working on a lot of great things and can’t wait to introduce my followers to some amazing local cupcake bakeries!

Have a great weekend!


Frosting for Dummies: A photo-guide to frosting the perfect cupcake

Too often, people take the easy way out when frosting their cupcakes. While there isn’t always time to create a perfect, pretty cupcake, there’s always time to learn how to do so for the days when there is time to make your cupcakes look like a work of art. The most common problem people have when trying to frost is the lack of proper tools. Generally, you will need a frosting bag and a frosting tip, both of which you can find at any specialty bake shop or at craft stores like AC Moore or Michael’s. However, these tools are not always necessary and you can make your own frosting bag by using a Ziplock bag (or any other plastic bag.) This post will show you a step by step guide to creating perfect, pretty cupcakes by using a plastic sandwich bag for frosting. It’s so easy and you have all the tools in your kitchen already! Take a look!

Try this method over the weekend and let me know how it works for you. Like I mentioned before, these things take practice, so do not get discouraged after your first cupcake! Keep a steady hand and stay focused and before you know it, your cupcakes will look beautiful. Good luck!

Friday Flavors: After a long week, try a drink-inspired cupcake

flavor friday

For most of us, the work week is a long one. This weekend, try relaxing with a drink-inspired cupcake. These are often just as fun to make as they are to eat and usually quite simple to fix up in a hurry.

First up is a Mudslide Cupcake from The Curvy Carrot. These cupcakes are infused with Kahlua in both the cake and the icing. Not much Kahlua is required and you can easily alter the recipe as you like. If you enjoy a chocolatey taste with a little kick, these are perfect for you.

The cold months can make summer seem so far away. To take your mind off of the chilly temperatures, try a Rum Cupcake with Pineapple FrostingBoulder Locavore came up with a delicious rum cupcake that can feature your favorite kind of rum in the cake. The pineapple frosting adds a beachy feel to the cupcakes and can take you from cold to warm with one bite.

Going off of the rum cupcakes, I Am Baker  features a Margarita Cupcake to add some sunshine to your day. This site uses a box cake mix for the cake and a small amount of tequila. As previously mentioned, all of these recipes can be altered to add as much or as little alcohol as you like.

Strawberry cupcakes are already highly popular, but adding champagne makes them perfect for a swanky weekend get-together or even a relaxing night in. The Cupcake Recipes shows a Strawberry Champagne recipe that’s super simple. You will taste a hint of champagne in the frosting as it is infused with 1/4 cup of champagne. Sounds delicious!

With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, Irish Car Bomb cupcakes sound perfect. Brown Eyed Baker posted a decadent recipe that features Irish whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream. It’s a simple yet delicious recipe that will get you in the mood for the upcoming holiday.

Try these this weekend to relax and unwind!