Frosting for Dummies: A photo-guide to frosting the perfect cupcake

Too often, people take the easy way out when frosting their cupcakes. While there isn’t always time to create a perfect, pretty cupcake, there’s always time to learn how to do so for the days when there is time to make your cupcakes look like a work of art. The most common problem people have when trying to frost is the lack of proper tools. Generally, you will need a frosting bag and a frosting tip, both of which you can find at any specialty bake shop or at craft stores like AC Moore or Michael’s. However, these tools are not always necessary and you can make your own frosting bag by using a Ziplock bag (or any other plastic bag.) This post will show you a step by step guide to creating perfect, pretty cupcakes by using a plastic sandwich bag for frosting. It’s so easy and you have all the tools in your kitchen already! Take a look!

Try this method over the weekend and let me know how it works for you. Like I mentioned before, these things take practice, so do not get discouraged after your first cupcake! Keep a steady hand and stay focused and before you know it, your cupcakes will look beautiful. Good luck!


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