Friday Flavors

flavor friday



After a long week, there’s nothing more relaxing than keeping things simple. This week, SJ Cupcake is featuring classic, simple cupcake recipes for you to try over the weekend.

Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing have become a staple in the cupcake world over the past few years. Brown Eyed Baker features a delicious and easy recipe for the classic flavor that will surely be a hit no matter who you serve these to.

With hundreds of Chocolate cupcake recipes out there and each recipe claiming to be the best, it’s hard to decide which one is really worth trying. Since the theme of this week is simplicity, I chose Baking Bites’ recipe, which features the simplest of ingredients. If chocolate is one of your weaknesses, definitely give this easy recipe a try.

Considering Vanilla cupcakes are my personal favorite, I am constantly making them for all different occasions. Some recipes are better than others, of course, but after trying this recipe from Baked Bree a few weeks ago, I discovered that this simple recipe works best. The greatest thing about vanilla cupcakes is you have endless possibilities for what flavor the icing can be.

While Strawberry  isn’t always everyone’s favorite flavor, it’s a definite classic and when done right, it’s downright delicious. My Baking Addiction features a healthy and quite simple strawberry cupcake recipe that will make this cold, winter weekend feel a little bit brighter.

Carrot cake is a classic flavor found in most bakeries and cupcakeries are no exception. The Comfort of Cooking has a fairly simple recipe for this timeless flavor. Try it and see how easy it really is.

Hopefully these recipes give you something easy and delicious to try and help you remember why sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. Enjoy the cupcakes and take pictures if you try them!

Look out for my first interview with a local cupcake shop, My Little Kupkake in Collingswood. Have a great weekend!


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